Cyclone Debbie - CLOSED

Cyclone Debbie


The following information is for those concerned or affected by the extreme weather events caused by Cyclone Debbie in Queensland from 27 March 2017.

If you have been affected by this event we urge you to follow the advice of local authorities.

Background Information

A Category 4 cyclone in North Queensland

On 28 March a category 4 cyclone, Cyclone Debbie, crossed the Queensland coast causing significant weather events, including extremely heavy rain fall, gale force winds, flooding and tidal surges. Flow on weather events are also being experienced across the Queensland coastline.

We recommend you regularly check the Bureau of Meteorology, news and media outlines and transport websites for up to date information about the event and its impact on transportation services.

Policy Coverage

We are aware that this adverse weather activity has been an evolving event and has moved across multiple cities and towns over a number of days and continues to do so. To this end, we understand that this will have affected a number of different people in a number of different ways and across different timeframes. We will therefore be assessing claims based on their individual circumstances.

Please note that your policy provides a number of benefits, conditions, limits and exclusions that may be relevant to your travel plans. Your cover will depend on the type of plan you purchased and your circumstances. We will assess all claims in accordance with your Policy Wording and your Certificate of Insurance.

Please also be aware that our policies do not cover claims for losses caused by something that you were aware of at the time of purchasing your policy.

If you are currently travelling:

  • If your transport is delayed or cancelled or your accommodation is affected due to the adverse weather you may be able to claim for additional travel, accommodation and meal expenses.
  • If you need medical advice or emergency medical assistance please contact our 24-hour Emergency Assistance team on +61 7 3305 7499 reverse charge – please be advised that due to the impact of the weather, there may be long wait times.