Travel Advisories

Hurricane Hector Travel Advisory - CLOSED

Hurricane Hector is currently forming to the east of Hawaii. If the hurricane remains on its current trajectory and continues to build, the hurricane will brush the southern coast of the Big Island around Wednesday 8th August

Ambae Island Vanuatu Volcano - CLOSED

Safe Travel has labelled Ambae Island as high risk and advised against all non-essential travel. The Pacific nation of Vanuatu have ordered thousands of people to leave Ambae Island as a volcano erupted and filled the sky with ash. 

Bali Volcano Advisory Reminder - CLOSED

Mount Agung volcano in Bali has experienced high levels of activity and periodic eruptions since September 2017. This travel advisory that was issued in September 2017 remains in place.

Kīlauea Volcano Hawaii Travel Advisory - CLOSED

The current advice from the Hawaii Tourism Authority is that there is no reason at this time for travellers to change or alter their leisure or business travel plans. The majority of Kiwi holidaymakers travelling to Hawaii should remain unaffected by the recent volcanic activity.
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