Novel Coronavirus
Update 24 Jan 2020

Update on the Novel Coronavirus (24/01/2020)


WHO has not declared this a global health emergency

As of 24 January 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has determined that the Novel Coronavirus is not yet a global health emergency.

Allianz Partners’ current position

Following this advice, Allianz Partners is not currently issuing a Travel Advisory for this event and our policies will respond as normal until further notice.

In the face of this complex and evolving situation, we will continue to closely monitor this event and be ready to take appropriate action.   

General exclusions around pandemics or epidemics

We have been receiving queries around the general exclusion for “an actual or likely epidemic or pandemic, or the threat of an epidemic or pandemic.”

The likelihood of an epidemic or pandemic is to be determined by WHO. This general exclusion will not take effect until WHO officially classes the Novel Coronovirus as an actual or likely epidemic or pandemic.

Despite this general exclusion, customers may still claim for other benefits under their policy unrelated to pandemics and epidemics. For example, medical cover for a broken leg or a car accident. 

How Allianz Partners policies will respond

Travel insurance provides a number of valuable benefits and it is always our priority to assist our customers where possible and within our ability to do so.

For travellers directly impacted by this event, we will assess claims on a case-by-case basis.

Keeping up-to-date

Our position on the Coronavirus may change. Should we issue any Travel Advisories for this event, it will be published on the Sales Portal and Allianz Partners website 

We have currently issued a Travel Advisory for the preventative measures in place in Samoa due to the Novel Coronavirus