The new 'Tinder style' app
for hotel reservations

The Tinder style App for hotel reservations

Triptwin, a new application inspired by Airbnb, Tinder and Netflix, offers one of the most innovative ways we have seen to book your holiday accommodation. This online reservation tool could well revolutionise the sector and the way in which tourists plan their trips.

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What is TripTwin?

With the inviting line of “Tell me who you are, I will tell you what you like” this new booking design aims to offer a trendy hand-selected hotel collection to suit all budgets. One of their key reasons they believe travellers should book with them is the innovative level of personalization you get through their matching system based on your profile and wishes.

Big hotel reservation companies or personalisation?

Catching the big names of the online hotel reservation world off-guard, French start-up Triptwin has chosen to prioritise quality over quantity, unlike its competitors, who offer an ever-growing choice of options. This new app, which is both fun and personalised, works with 150 establishments, mainly located in France and Belgium. With a “match” function inspired by Tinder, a stripped-back design reminiscent of Airbnb and a recommendation system similar to Netflix, Triptwin has made the saying “Birds of a feather flock together” its own.

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Suggestions that “match” your profile

To use Triptwin, travellers must first fill in a questionnaire: Are you more elegant or laid-back? Careful or adventurous? What are your passions? The app draws up a user profile so that it can then offer personalised suggestions. If you want to carry out a search, you must provide some basic information about the trip you want to organise, such as the destination and whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

Using data to offer personalized service

By capturing and cross-checking this data, Triptwin suggests 3 different hotels that best suit the traveller’s requirements and wishes, based on the Tinder “match” model. There are also other options, including one that suggests 5 hotels if the user has not given their destination city or if they opt for the “surprise me” mode.

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A recommendation system based on Netflix

The Triptwin app – like Netflix – asks the user to leave a comment after each trip, in order to refine their profile and offer even more suitable “matches” in the future. This fun feature echoes the “mystery holiday” model that is popular with Millennials, says Tom Travel. In the long term, Triptwin hopes to reach a wide range of users and plans to include all categories of hotel, from B&B’s to 5-star hotels.

Where can you use Triptwin?

The mobile app has been available from the App Store since 12th March, and a version for Android will be released in late 2018.  After launching small with hotels in France and Belgium, the business is looking to expand quite rapidly and hope to include hotels in England and Italy as part of the next phase. Once this has been implemented France and Germany will be the next focus.

It sounds like it might be a wee while until Triptwin makes it to New Zealand, but this marks a continuing focus on innovation in the technology surrounding travel.

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