Update 05 March 2020

Update on Covid-19 Medical Cover


Allianz Partners New Zealand is currently continuing to cover medical and emergency medical transportation costs, should a customer test positive for Covid-19 while travelling, regardless of travel destination and policy commencement date stated on their Certificate of Insurance.

The general exclusion for epidemic and government intervention took effect from 10am Friday 28 February 2020.  However, we are not currently applying these general exclusions for medical and emergency medical transportation claims related to Covid-19. 

Although travel insurance policies generally exclude losses caused by events that were known or foreseeable at the time the policy is purchased, we are now considering valid medical and emergency transportation claims related to Covid-19 irrespective of when customers purchased their policy, when they depart on their journey and where they are travelling worldwide.

We would like to remind customers that they can still claim for other medical benefits unrelated to Covid-19, such as cover for a broken leg or car accident, and claims are subject to the standard procedures and conditions of the Policy Wording.

The primary focus of Allianz Partners is to support customers during this complex situation.

We are offering customers directly impacted by Covid-19 the ability to amend the travel dates of their policy at no charge so they can assess their travel plans as the situation evolves. For further assistance, we encourage customer to contact our Customer Care team.

We recommend that customers who suspect they have the virus contact a local medical professional and our global Emergency Assistance service.                         

Staying updated

We understand that this is a complex and constantly evolving situation. We are continuing to closely monitor this event and will provide updates on as required. We encourage you to keep up to date by reading News & Press Releases and Travel Advisories published on our website.