Allianz Partners Sustainability Projects

Our Commitment to safeguarding the future

Sustainability has been an integral part of Allianz Partners’ international corporate culture since its inception and is driven largely from the position of the Allianz Group.

Allianz Group takes responsibility for how its decisions and actions might impact generations to come. While resolving all of the world’s issues are important, the Allianz Group focuses its Corporate Responsibility Strategy around three pillars:

- Low carbon economy
- Social inclusion
- Business integration

From offering green solutions to supporting financial literacy, from promoting diversity in the workplace, to caring for the aged and safeguarding our future through the protection of our most vulnerable children, Allianz Group is globally helping to pioneer the way towards creating a more sustainable world for all those who will follow.

At Allianz House on Auckland’s North Shore, we follow a reduce and recycle programme and constantly work hard to develop initiatives which support our local communities.