Allianz Partners
Employee Engagement

We believe engagement illustrates the commitment and energy that employees bring to work. It is our key indicator of their involvement and dedication to our organisation. In order to reinforce our values and drive engagement, our senior leaders and managers throughout the organisation live our values and demonstrate them in their behaviour and decisions each and every day. Senior leadership plays an important role in engagement and setting the tone at the top of the organisation. To promote staff engagement, our leadership team has an open-door policy, accepting feedback and ideas from employees at any time.

We also run a number of employee engagement initiatives.

Engagement Survey

This annual global survey receives high participation rates and we welcome this constructive feedback as we constantly look to improve our business for customers, partners and employees. Feedback from each engagement survey is valued and we initiate local programmes based upon these results. 

My Ideas Programme

Employees are encouraged to suggest ideas, which could improve engagement or an area of their department. These ideas are reviewed and implemented by Phoenix or Executive Management. The programme helps our staff to feel like they are a part of our continued commitment to innovation and success.


Personal growth

We know that our employees are our most valuable asset and key to success in all areas. With this leading principle, we are measured highly on our focus on Inclusive Meritocracy, which means that we encourage a workforce that is more agile, innovative and daring. Everyone is responsible. Each idea counts. People and performance matter and we always reward our employees for a job well done.


Since we respect individual needs and differences and recognise that each employee’s wellbeing is a very personal matter, we adapt our development approach to their individual situations. A one-size-fits-all model simply has no place in our business. We follow a 70-20-10 rule. This means the 70% of skill development comes through experience, 20% exposure and 10% education. We draw on a range of tools, training sessions and other means to ensure personal and professional growth.

Allianz Partners Academy

The Allianz  Partners Academy offers learning programmes to the global Allianz Partners community including New Zealand. The Academy offers a competency focused, flexible, and cutting-edge suite of programmes to develop new skills or refine existing expertise in the areas of Leadership and Management Skills, Business Acumen, Communication and Collaboration, Personal Effectiveness and Business Strategy along with long-term Talent Development programmes.